Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Twelve Giftees of Christmas... SPECIAL EDITION

Unsure of what to buy for someone in your life? Rock and Wrap's "The Twelve Giftees of Christmas" can help. Or, at least help you add more things to YOUR holiday wishlist.

It seems we have overlooked the fact that maybe you have not purchased your holiday cards yet this year. Want to escape from the sea of chubby santas and preach-y angels? Fear not. In this special edition of Rock and Wrap's Holiday Rundown, we bring you the We Card list. Get ready to go from not enough choices to a choice overload...

Feeling a little mod this christmas? Retro is in, so why not go for it. These unusually shaped cards from Velocity will stand out in a sea of blah rectangular envelopes. Plus, they're inexpensive and come in tons of different styles.

Keeping with the retro theme, we bring you Toast Event Design ('s funky holiday bottle cap magnet cards. Phew! There sure are alot of adjectives in that one. The truly great thing about this card though, apart from its striking design, is the fact that the bottle cap magnet can be used long after the card has been tossed, for years to come. It's like, the gift that keep on giving. Or something.

I know, i know! I've already talked about Luxe Paperie. But everything there is so super cute! I couldn't hold it in. Plus, the fabitty-fab people down at Luxe even were nice enough to give us a "Happy Holidays" card for our non-denominational friends. We cannot let goodness like that go unnoticed.

What else could we expect from the folks at MoMA? Nothing less than brilliance, i assure you. And we are not dissapointed. For some reason this webpage is in Japanese (i THINK it's in Japanese... really must brush up on these things) but luckily it's also in English so you all should be able to order without any problems. But before you take OUR word for it, just browse the page. Every card is unexpected and clever, and most are either die-cut or pop-up. What's not to love?

Looking for something a bit more modern? There's nothing more modern than these shiny silver cards from John Lewis. They come in assorted boxed sets, but frankly i love every style. While being modern, they still retain stylish, classic graphics... and i think that's important.

Enough choices for you? Haha, not quite. Being a very graphics-oriented person, i adore these cards from Soohoo On Paper. And i love that they're printed on recycled paper. The inside of this particular model features a primitive christmas tree drawing, just to sum up the crayon theme. I also rather like the simple stripes .

And that, my friends, is a lifetime worth of stylish papercuts.
-Rock and Wrap

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Twelve Giftees of Christmas... part III

Unsure of what to buy for someone in your life? Rock and Wrap's "The Twelve Giftees of Christmas" can help. Or, at least help you add more things to YOUR holiday wishlist.

Ah, the big brother. Aren't guys just terrible to shop for? They're like little kids, but if you buy them little kid things, however much they'd enjoy them, you feel a little like you're cheating. And if you buy them big boy toys... well, your wallet won't allow you to imagine what would happen then. Is there a balance? So there seems...

Okay, you caught me... they're not being released until January. But what self-respecting Star Wars Fan wouldn't hold off until then? And you might be able to avoid seeing your brother until January.... heehee! But in any case, there are tons of equally awe-inspiring things on

And what could be more perfect? You know the saying, they go together like Star Wars and video games.... or maybe i made that one up. Although this giftwrap isn't exactly christmas-y, luckily for us, has just released a new holiday line for any winter celebration we could throw at 'em. And i don't think your brother would be the one to point out that the rad wrapping paper doesn't have the holiday spirit.

You know how guys are with these things. ;D

-Rock and Wrap

Monday, October 23, 2006

Holiday Post II (The Twelve Giftees of Christmas... Part II)

Unsure of what to buy for someone in your life? Rock and Wrap's "The Twelve Giftees of Christmas" can help. Or, at least help you add more things to YOUR holiday wishlist.

I don't have a little sister, but if i did, i'm absolutely sure i'd spoil her rotten with "kawaii" (cute) things, especially at christmas. Don't the holidays bring the squealing, giggling kid out in all of us?
Well anyway, this post is more than one gift, really. I just couldn't help myself! There are so many adorable little toys and games available on Mahar Drygoods.

Adorable little "Sinclair Snoot" has such a smirk on his face... by Sweet Nellie and available at

Sinclair not colorful enough for your little sis? You can bet that Fefelant is, in rasberry red. By Silver Lining, also from Mahar Drygoods.

Rather play dress-up than go on a Fefelant safari? No problem. The Black Apple has you covered at Mahar Drygoods.

Although i was indecisive about my gift choice, I had no problem picking out the cutest wrapping paper.

-Rock and Wrap

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Holiday Post I

buying for an offbeat friend? i am. fortunately, i was lucky enough to stumble upon for my friend.

cute little cowboy-style holster and REMOVABLE metal gun on a necklace chain. you don't get more offbeat than that.

wrapping it, too?

awesome, punk rock-inspired wrapping paper from
happy gifting!
Rock and Wrap


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