Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Twelve Giftees of Christmas... part III

Unsure of what to buy for someone in your life? Rock and Wrap's "The Twelve Giftees of Christmas" can help. Or, at least help you add more things to YOUR holiday wishlist.

Ah, the big brother. Aren't guys just terrible to shop for? They're like little kids, but if you buy them little kid things, however much they'd enjoy them, you feel a little like you're cheating. And if you buy them big boy toys... well, your wallet won't allow you to imagine what would happen then. Is there a balance? So there seems...

Okay, you caught me... they're not being released until January. But what self-respecting Star Wars Fan wouldn't hold off until then? And you might be able to avoid seeing your brother until January.... heehee! But in any case, there are tons of equally awe-inspiring things on Mimobot.com

And what could be more perfect? You know the saying, they go together like Star Wars and video games.... or maybe i made that one up. Although this giftwrap isn't exactly christmas-y, luckily for us, Whimsypress.com has just released a new holiday line for any winter celebration we could throw at 'em. And i don't think your brother would be the one to point out that the rad wrapping paper doesn't have the holiday spirit.

You know how guys are with these things. ;D

-Rock and Wrap


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