Wednesday, November 08, 2006

a non-shopping post, for once!

So it occured to me that i have only posted about cool shopping things for the upcomming holidays. And while i like to think of these posts as extremely helpful and enjoyable to our readers, well, i am not one-dimensional. So, as an active participant of the Craftster community, here's my CRAFTSTER SWAP BIO! (Don't worry, more crafty posts to come after Christmas.)

My Etsy
My Wists
My Craftster Profile

I Can...
- Sew
- Knit ( a little)
- Decoupage
- Make jewelry
- Do some paper arts/Make cards
- Make duct tape bags/purses/wallets

I’d Like To Learn...
- Screen printing
- Bookbinding
- Metalwork

Objects, Symbols and Themes I Like
- Anything Japanese, esp. japanese street fashion, modern art, pop culture, kawaii-ness
- Tattoo art ("sailor jerry" swallows, anchors)
- Cute or "kawaii" patterns, esp. fabric
- Victorian flourishes
- Nordic themes
- Swedish, Finnish, Scandinavian, Danish design
- Green apples
- Cherry blossoms, orchids and lotuses
- Jen Corace's art
- Parisian black and white themes
- Collages
- Mod
- Retro
- 60's-80's
- Roaring 20's style
- Vintage
- Hello Kitty
- Indie/Underground
- Music, guitars, punk rock, 80's rock, mix tapes
- Stickers, pins/badges/buttons, patches
- Simple repetitive patterns with stylized images
- Houndstooth pattern
- Plaid
- Black and white checkers
- Distressed look, esp. paint splatters for clothing or rustic look for homewares
- Bright plastics/colors

Objects, Symbols and Themes I Don’t Like
- Western
- Floral (like stuffy, grandmother-y floral)
- Country style
- Pastels (as a general rule, esp. purple and yellow)
- "Prep" style
- "Goth" style
- "Screamo" music
- Kitsch or cutesie

Colors and Combos I Love
- Favorite color: Purple (bright, metallic if possible)
- Wear mostly black, red
- Loud retro or mod patterns
- Sky blue or cotton candy pink with chocolate brown
- Sky blue with primary red (esp. home decor)
- Silver (in jewelry)
- Like orange alot
- Apple green, neon pink, primary red (not all together, just in general)

Colors and Combos I Don’t Like as Much
- Pastels
- Beige! NO BEIGE!
- Muddy colors, like non-chocolate browns or muddy oranges/greens/purples (like pure colors)
- Gold (in jewelry)

Craft Supplies
- Fabric, especially cotton prints and colored vinyls
- Interesting scrapbook or wrapping papers
- Nice ribbons
- Unusual jewelry charms, chains, or findings
- Zippers are always good!
- Rare tapes, like decorative tapes or hard-to-find colors of duct tapes
- Natural fiber yarn
- Unusual beads

Smells and Flavors I Like
- Chocolate, as long as it smells real
- Coffee, mocha, latte, cappucinno, espresso, french vanilla.... anything coffee
- Cinnamon
- Wintergreen
- Chamomile (not too heavy)
- Exotic fruits (Mango, papaya)
- Citrus

Smells and Flavors I Don’t Like
- Cherry (or any kind of fake, candy smell)
- Mothballs (haha does that count?)
- Heavy floral scents
- Nuts

I Collect...
- Squashed pennies
- Fabric
- Papers (crafting and wrapping)
- 1" buttons
- Patches
- Safety pins
- Stickers (vinyl)
- Junk jewelry
- Zines
- Charms for charm bracelets

Random Info
Love swappin', any indie art or crafts you want to send me! LOVE paper goods and stationary of any type, love decorating and fashion design...


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