Thursday, November 02, 2006


Unsure of what to buy for someone in your life? Rock and Wrap's "The Twelve Giftees of Christmas" can help. Or, at least help you add more things to YOUR holiday wishlist.

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. Now that Halloween is over, I myself have shifted into gift-buying madness. But it was unfair of me to neglect you all, assuming that you all are doing the same shopping spree. So, without any further adieu...

Ah, mom. What could you possibly give the woman who gave you life and nurtured you from birth? How about a phone call every once in a while?! Heehee, well, i am not here to lecture you. But i am here to suggest a stylish way to break down the barriers between you and your mother.

Positively delicious telegram stationary from Gift up a set for your mom and then... yourself some lovely note sets from Wrapping...?

Well, i know MY mother would love anything in this collection. Old-fashioned and traditional but not kitschy, you know? Classy. Classic, even. Or, if you're located in Canada, you could just zip over and pick up a lovely gift box from the Regional Assembly of Text (, which i am coveting but cannot figure out how to purchase online. You lucky Canadians, you. Anyway.
You've really killed two birds with one stone, you know (no pun on 16 Sparrows, i promise!), you've actually knocked out your New Years' Resolution while getting your shopping done.
"Keep in touch with mom."



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