Monday, November 06, 2006


Unsure of what to buy for someone in your life? Rock and Wrap's "The Twelve Giftees of Christmas" can help. Or, at least help you add more things to YOUR holiday wishlist.

Ah, the co-worker. Who knows where your relationship stands? Don't look at me. You think you're just fellow hell-dwellers and then the holidays roll around to expose... well, hint-dropping. And, "Oh-You're-Going-To-Love-What-I-Bought-You..." 's. You couldn't have seen this comming. But better to be safe than sorry. Pack up a mix of these items and keep it under your desk in case a gift emerges from your cubical mate.

Keeping it work-related is always a good idea, but manilla folders are so impersonal. Spice it up with these adorable leather desk organizers from They come in an array of colors, patterns, and styles. Send them a message through the site for where to buy.

Notebooks are always a good choice. Okay, I admit it, i'm rather paper-goods obsessed. But you would be too if you'd seen all the cool papers I have! These adorable minis from (Also available on are only $8.00 a pop and are available in tons of different styles. Is your desk-mate's workspace sprinkled with roses? An oriental oddessy? An african safari? They've got you covered. Or, just opt for the strikingly conservative stripes.

Or, drop the hint yourself by including some gift tags by

Wrapping options? Consider the very suit-worthy houndstooth (oh how I love anything houndstooth!)...

...Or the packaging that is a gift all its own, the colorful cardboard briefcase. This model is from, you guessed it, Kate's Paperie.

happy shopping!
-Rock and Wrap


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